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“I brought my daughter in thinking we were just getting braces. Dr. Murphy found some issues in her mouth, like not swallowing correctly and that her TMJ was bad with grinding and clenching. Instead of just putting her in braces, Dr. Murphy gave us referrals for a Speech/Myofunctional therapist and recommendations to other specialists. She not only cared about the position of my daughter’s teeth, but the overall health of her mouth and teeth. We will get braces down the road but saving her teeth and helping her to swallow is more important than crooked teeth. We are so appreciative of Dr. Murphy. She is my daughter’s life coach to a healthier mouth.“
Shelly M.
“My daughter and I have been going to Dr. Murphy for braces. Dr. Murphy has been a breath of fresh air in terms of a Doctor/Patient relationship. My daughter has stated each time we have gone that she can’t wait to see the dentist. What person does that?! I believe that when she goes to see Dr. Murphy she knows that she will make an otherwise uncomfortable situation very pleasant. If anyone were to ever need any orthodontics work done, I would recommend In Harmony Orthodontics.
George H.
“Tucker was telling his grandma that he saw ‘the best dentist ever today!’ 🙂 He’s had so much dental work over the years and we were both kind of dreading the appointment but I walked out feeling like Dr. Cathy had only the best interest in mind!
Jessica M.
Taking my girls to In Harmony Orthodontics for their braces was by far the best decision I ever made. Dr. Murphy truly cares not only about their smile but their health as well! Dr. Murphy and Laura go above and beyond and we appreciate them for it!”
Angela C.
“Amazing staff – they have done wonders, not only for his teeth and mouth but for his overall confidence.“
Kristen B.
“My daughter has had issues in the past and is still presently dealing with sleep issues. My dentist referred Dr. Catherine to me for my daughter and I now feel like everything makes sense. Talking with her has shown me there is hope for my daughter to finally sleep throughout the night. Very grateful that she can address two years of overlooked issues. Very knowledgeable and it was even nice to see a family I’m familiar with when I came in for my daughter’s consultation.”
Erin B.

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