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Meet Dr. Catherine Murphy

In Harmony Orthodontics Practice Philosophy

In Harmony Orthodontics specializes in caring for children who need treatment for their crooked teeth or bad bites with a quickly growing specialty in dental health coaching for children and adults.

Our practice offers more than traditional orthodontics. Dr. Catherine Murphy takes a holistic, collaborative, and compassionate approach to orthodontics which also focuses on the patient’s airway.

“Dr. Cathy” Murphy helps her patients achieve harmony of the jaws, face muscles, tongue, and overall well being. Her philosophy is to treat the whole patient and deliver the individual solution that is a perfect fit for each individual. She corrects the bad bite by addressing the underlying cause in addition to straightening the smile.

Her goals are to:

  • Avoid extraction of permanent teeth
  • Address the concerns as soon as possible
  • Provide long-lasting results
  • Reduce total treatment time
  • Achieve stunning smiles AND improved health.

About Dr. Catherine Murphy

Why does Dr. Catherine Murphy approach orthodontics with a holistic mindset?

The stormy summer of 2016 brought Dr. Murphy the joy of a beautiful baby boy! During his first month of life, he failed to thrive, only gaining 2 ounces. He struggled to nurse, didn’t sleep well and breathed loudly. The only medical advice given was to supplement with formula. As a sleep-deprived new mom, she neglected self care as she researched answers for her son’s struggle. Although Dr. Catherine Murphy has many accolades displayed on the wall to be proud of, watching her healthy son joyfully playing outside gives her the most satisfaction. Learning how to be holistically healthy transformed Dr. Murphy’s family. 

To help share the hope of healing one’s child, Dr. Catherine Murphy has written a picture book about the empowerment she gained from delving in and finding out the WHY for her son. First edition published August 2021. Sharing her story leaves her very vulnerable but it also permits others to have hope and that’s ultimately worth the sacrifice.

Dr. Murphy is passionate about helping others in the same way. Her profession has an incredible opportunity to change one’s smile and health by focusing on the story that the crooked teeth are telling us. Orthodontics is more than just moving teeth. Orthodontics is the specialty of diagnosis, prevention, and correction of malpositioned teeth and jaws. She understands the teeth are crooked for a reason and when viewed holistically, can successfully collaborate with other healthcare providers to address the underlying causes resulting in a stunning smile and holistic health. 

Dr. Catherine Murphy's Education

Indiana University

Indiana University Indianapolis (IUSD)
Dental and Orthodontic residency

Orthotropics Mini Residency
with Dr. Bill Hang

More about Dr. Catherine Murphy

Native to Northwest IN, Dr. Catherine Murphy attended St. Thomas More and Munster High School. Dr. Murphy started working in orthodontics 25 years ago with her father, Dr. Thomas Kroczek. She attended Indiana University Bloomington (IUB) for her undergraduate degree. While studying abroad in Wollongong, Australia, she learned about an organization through IUB that helped teach HIV/AIDS awareness and education in Kenya, Africa.

Following graduation, she spent a transformational summer in rural Kenya where there was no electricity and no running water. She saw straight teeth everywhere! Why do you think that was? Short answer: the diet was not industrialized!

While attending Indiana University School of Dentistry (IUSD), she had the opportunity to work alongside a notable faculty orthodontist. Additionally, Dr. Murphy served as a leader on many sealant clinics, providing free dental education to mothers and free sealants to their children in various women’s shelters.

Dr. Murphy graduated dental school excited to practice general dentistry. In addition to private practice, she worked as an adjunct faculty member at IUSD and on the Sealant Mobile, which provided free dental screenings and sealants to children in underserved communities throughout Indiana.

Following orthodontic residency, Dr. Murphy returned to Northwest IN and ran the orthodontic department of a pediatric dental practice. In addition to private practice, she returned to teaching as an adjunct faculty member at the Indiana University Northwest Hygiene program for many years.

Outside the office, Dr. Murphy resides in Schererville with her husband, Mat, and their son and daughter. She met her husband through a local running club and now, instead of marathons, they run after their preschooler! She enjoys reading, being outdoors, and the symphony, and admits that her guilty pleasure is watching HGTV! 

Dr. Catherine Murphy's Motto

Dr. Murphy has taken hundreds of hours of continuing education. Her passion for learning grows with each course she attends, especially those with a holistic approach to orthodontic treatment. 

Associations and Memberships

Meet Dr. Catherine Murphy in person

Dr. Murphy loves to meet new patients and their families. She is passionate about listening to parent/patients’ concerns, answering their questions (especially the ones that have been brushed off by other healthcare providers), and helping achieve beautiful smiles AND improved health for everyone.

Want to meet Dr. Murphy? She offers complimentary consultations for new patients. Additionally, Dr. Murphy loves meeting new people by providing presentations to a local offices or organizations about the impact of dental health on one’s overall health.

Call 219.220.2356 or email: [email protected] for an appointment or to set up a presentation.

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