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What Makes Us Unique

Traditional Orthodontics

  • Waits until child is older to treat
  • Views crooked teeth as the primary concern
  • Extractions may be part of treatment
  • Recommends lifetime wear of retainers
  • Views teeth grinding
    • as a behavior child will grow out of
    • habit adults will stop with a mouthguard
  • Does not view tongue, lip, or buccal restrictions
    (TOTs) as part of the treatment plan

In Harmony Orthodontics

  • Treats holistically
  • Interceptive
    • can start treatment younger
  • Views problems as a symptom  of an underlying cause
  • Avoids extraction of teeth
  • Achieves facial harmony
    • retain teeth in proper position
  • Improves child’s growth &  development of teeth, jaws, and airway
  • Promotes nasal breathing
    • no more mouth breathing, snoring, teeth grinding
  • Works with other healthcare
    professionals to achieve best results
    (e.g. Speech/OMT/PT/OT/MD/DC)

Approaching orthodontics differently. Correcting the bad bite by addressing the underlying cause in addition to straightening the smile. Integrative orthodontics means your treatment plan includes working together with your other healthcare providers (examples: family dentist, pediatrician, chiropractor, orofacialmyofunctional therapist (OMT), speech language pathologist) to not only straighten teeth, but achieve facial harmony. What is facial harmony? Facial harmony means the smile is not just about the teeth but the entire face. The mindset has changed from looking at orthodontics as a problem with just the teeth, to orthodontics as a benefit to the patient’s full growth and development potential. Treating holistically and intercepting the problems to maximize the benefits.

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