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Healthcare Strategy Partner

Ever wonder why you were told that you’re hard to work on when you’re in the dental chair? Why you have a small mouth or large tongue? Why you have cavities even though you don’t drink soda and have few sweets?

Our teeth tell a lot about our general health. The mouth is a mirror that reflects what is going on in the body.

My passion is to help others by serving as a Healthcare Strategy Partner to patients of all ages. I’m glad that the desire for a better smile is what brings patients to my office. I want everyone to be proud of their smile. Smiling is contagious and our world needs the happiness behind the smiles to spread!

However, braces are often not the primary solution to fix a smile. The priority is to address the underlying causes behind the crooked, spaced, or decayed teeth. These and other complaints such as bad breath and TMJ are symptoms of other issues in need of attention.

As your healthcare strategy partner, I become your coach, helping you to improve your smile from the inside out. Together we’ll outline your priorities and I’ll explain how you can take control of your mouth health. There is A LOT of information out there to sort through. I can help you obtain the knowledge that you desire.

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Transformational Health Coach

Often used in conjunction with the Healthcare Strategy Partner Program.

This unique program helps you take control of your time, lifestyle and health, and often results in losing weight. It can truly transform your health and your life.

Finding your way can be lonely until you come across people who can relate and are on the same road. To help you transform your health, you’ll have an entire community to keep you motivated to seek results through holistic health. You’ll join morning sessions via Zoom Monday through Friday to start the day with your health and goals in mind. You’ll connect with people who have a similar mindset.

Our busy schedules typically do not allow for daily self care, especially when life is chaotic, stressful and/or gloomy, but it’s so important! You can get started on the path to better overall health today.

It’s simple! We’ll start a brief chat about your current health and talk about where you see yourself in 2 weeks, 2 months and 2 years. Then you’ll make progress with daily sessions along with personal coaching to help you stay engaged and reach your goals. Contact me to take the first step toward better health and a brighter future.

Early Orthodontics / Interceptive Orthodontics / Phase 1 Orthodontics / Airway Orthodontics

These are all different terms that mean the same thing. Your dentist may call it something different than what your neighbor says. Why the confusion? That’s because many people (dentists included), have the mindset that orthodontic treatment doesn’t start until all the permanent teeth are in. But that isn’t necessarily the best option.

Braces can do more than just straighten teeth. Braces can help grow the face to its optimum potential. However, this means the child needs to be growing. If we wait until all the permanent teeth are in, most of the development of the face is completed, especially in girls.

I can help your child reach his or her full smile and beauty potential. The best time to start is when you first notice something that may concern you. That could be observing baby teeth without spaces between them, cross bites (scissor bites), tongue thrusts, grinding of teeth, snoring or a strong gag reflex.

However, sometimes the issues may show up even earlier, such as when a newborn struggles to nurse. This can be related to a variety of issues which can be treated, saving mom and baby a lot of heartache and frustration. I help connect patients with the appropriate care which is the ultimate in preventing the need for braces.

Pre-teen & Teen Braces / Orthodontics

Often it is a parent’s hope that their child will not need braces. They hope that they will grow out of it. I understand the time commitment, financial investment and frustration that come with braces for pre teens and teens. That’s why I want this investment in their smile to LAST! Thus, the approach is one of collaboration.

I view crooked teeth as a symptom of an underlying cause (often mouth breathing, especially during the night, which may be silent so you may not hear it). We create an orthodontic treatment plan for the teeth along with access to additional providers who can address the underlying issues that resulted in crooked teeth, smaller jaws, spacing, and other problems.

Adult Braces / Adult Orthodontics

Tired of wearing a retainer? Tired of having a dry mouth? Tired of hiding your teeth when you smile? Tired of being tired?

I help patients reach their health goals by partnering with other healthcare providers. I see patients who want options for removing their “permanent”/bonded retainer as well as those who want more space for their teeth and tongue.

I welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you and your healthcare providers. The first step is the Healthcare Strategy Partner Program to determine if there are alternatives to braces. I realize that wearing braces or even aligners usually doesn’t fit into the adult lifestyle. Although I am trained to fix teeth, I understand that a person’s smile goes beyond their pearly whites.

Face Yoga Coming Soon!

A natural way to a younger looking face. No surgery! No fillers!

Just an even better you 😊

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For Professionals: Holistic and Airway Dentistry / Orthodontics Coach

Are you a professional who is interested in holistic dentistry/orthodontics and wonder how it could fit into your practice? Are you looking to get more fulfilment out of your practice? Do you want another way to help your patients but feel overwhelmed?

Reach out to me. Following a complimentary 15-minute conversation, I can help you discover a holistic and airway approach to providing care that will benefit your patients.

Getting started is exciting but it can also be intimidating. I can help. If you have already started on your journey and are wondering where to go next, I can help with that too! Connect with me at or call 219.220.2356

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